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2nd Key to Learning @Genius: Every Brain is Gifted & Every Brain has Challenges. (3 minutes)

Updated: Mar 23

This leads us to your child’s second key, the Joy Key - may your child overflow with love from the throne above. May your child splash in the overflow of Perfect Peace, the Joy of the Hope set before them.

Key #2 - Every brain is gifted, and every brain has challenges. 

Your child is wired for their destiny, gifts, and calling. Your child is a gift from the King, a hidden treasure. Brian Sheppard, a hero, and TikTok influencer, shared with my Camp Genius families that your child is a “seed of infinite potential, limitless genius that multiplies for generations.” “You are on a treasure hunt to discover your child’s gifts and talents.”

Most entrepreneurs, founders, professional athletes, farmers, managers, and CEOs of international companies have the traits and symptoms of ADD/ADHD. They need that ability to pay attention to everything at once! For farmers, emergency responders, and people on the front line of every accident, crisis, and disaster, this ability saves lives. Every one of them has learned who, what, when, and where to focus their attention. Most importantly, to operate in their geniuses they need to know their “why.”

Your job is to help your child discover their why, coach them through their challenges, and train up their God-given talents so that they can soar. Here is the challenge of ADD/ADHD.

Every child has a time limit, a window of time that their memory is open for business. When the window is shut, it's very much like a computer freezing, it is unable to function, and it needs to be completely shut down, rest, and reboot. For kids who need to be in motion or kids with teachers who do not ‘get them,’ that's when you will see behavior. Please understand, that behavior is communication! Pay attention to what they are paying attention to. What is their body language, mood, and attitude when their window is closing or when the window is closed? Teach them to feel when that window is shutting and how to reboot and return to joy. (My Camp Genius students and I have created a form for you called, Returning to Joy, also listed in the additional resources.) Wow! So, Karen, are you suggesting that my child can learn to focus? 


Yes! Attention, focus, and concentration can be taught. Dyslexics can anchor into their memory the direction, order, and sounds of their letters. They can read above grade level in their field of favor, where they are championed, not just tolerated.

In fact, I authored a book about teaching all the developmental milestones needed in the

brain for a child to be able to sit down and do paper and pencil activities. Here’s a clue: It is by developmental milestones that we introduce new concepts, not by grade level. With Kingdom Love and Patience, those frozen at a developmental milestone can be trained, using their five senses and a lot of repetition. These are the vulnerable ones, in the body of Christ, mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:22. NIV “They are the weaker indispensable” vital organs. In the body of Christ, we, as the ribs, need to wrap around them with boundaries of LOVE. The 7 Keys to Reading Readiness: Unlocking the Doors to Learning

I believe in you. I believe in the God who works with you and confirms His word with miracles, signs, and wonders! This leads us to the third key, the Hope Key - may your child wake up every morning embracing their future full of hope. Link to Third Key Did you miss the First Key? Here's the Link. Additional Free Resources:

Identity Key Resources: 

  • The fourth activity is what I call, To Know Me is To LOVE Me. It is an extensive activity impossible becomes possible!

  • Finding the Genius in your child's free coaching call. 

  • My story of overcoming dyslexia. My name is Karen Marie. I am a daughter of the King, a citizen of the Kingdom, a bondservant of the Most-High God. A friend of God. I am an intercessor, a mother, a grandmother, and a faithful friend. I am a gifted teacher, with a master’s degree, 46 years, and over 2500 success stories, and I am a Golden Apple Award Winning Teacher.

  •    “Tik Tok @B.A. Sheppard, because the world has enough sheep”, Tik Tok influencer, educator, relationship coach, social worker, rancher, and entrepreneur Brian, shared with my camp genius families. He said that our children are “seeds of infinite potential, limitless genius that multiplies for generations.” This link includes video shorts and a full hour of training. ( 

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