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4th Key to Learning @Genius: Your Child's Behavior is Their Communication. (5 minutes)

Updated: Mar 23

This key is going to take a lot of patience in the line of duty. You are on the battlefield of mind and body. It is going to take your child’s spirit and soul, partnering with the Holy Spirit. It will require your intentional planning, and maybe advice from a naturopath, functional medicine, doctor, therapist, or coach or two to overcome the next challenge. This leads us to the fourth key, the Love Key - may you overflow with love from the throne above. May your child splash in the overflow of God’s love and yours. 

Key #4 - Your child’s behavior is their communication.

For every gift that the enemy is trying to disable, there is an equal and greater gift on the other side of that challenge. You might not have words to describe the challenge, and your child most likely won’t have language to express what they need. Take the time to interpret their behavior. Get to know your child by asking questions led by the Holy Spirit. Talk to your child, and people who know and love your child. (My Camp Genius students and I have created a form for you called, To Know Me is To Love Me, listed in the additional resources.) It all starts with your child’s name.

At Camp Genius, in 2022, Rodney Thompson, a student of Reinhard Bonnke, shared, “Your child's name has meaning. It holds their character, their DNA, and their future full of Hope! When anyone calls your child’s name, they are calling forth your child’s destiny, gifts, and calling!” Lord, I pray that you send myriads of angels around each child to protect their identity, destiny, calling, gifts, and talents. I pray that every time someone calls their name there is an increase and release of Your angels. May they feel the tangible presence of your love and be everything they were created to be and do everything they were created to do! 

At Camp Genius, we have learned that Kingdom Education is to teach the whole child, spirit, soul, and body. Revelation 22 education. We begin in the throne room, and jump into the River of Life, to empower and grow each child to flourish in their identity, talents, and gifts, and discover their destiny and calling.

"Our human spirit, our intellect, our genius sentiment, the center of our emotions and passions, is subject to divine influence." – Noah Webster, (

The Holy Spirit. The Triune God. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the Divine Influence. Miracles happen when every dimension of our spirit, soul, and body is one with our Creator. This is when you can truly partner with the Holy Spirit to discover the genius in yourself and your child. Then plant that seed, your child, in the right soil, with the right nutrients, in the right season, with the right amount of rain and sun. In the right climate, with the right plants, friends, family, and coaches around them that champion them and not just tolerate them. Firmly rooted and grounded, this seed, your child, bears fruit and more seeds, multiplying for generations for King and Kingdom.

Let’s talk more about the body and brain. The computer was invented after studying the human brain. Like a computer, your child’s brain needs data, (input), and programming, (framework), to function. Every child gathers new information, and data, into their memory through their five senses. Your child is either going to get their programming through you, the Kingdom of Light, or from any other source, the Kingdom of Darkness. Family, school, and church are a three-braided cord that cannot be broken. This programming is the framework, through which they learn, grow, and have their being. It is the lens through which they process and store all information. This is where your child's sense of right and wrong, good, and evil is filtered.

The family, church, and school mountains need to be a predator-free zone AND that three-strand cord needs to be Kingdom. If it has not always been a kingdom and free from predators, repent and ask your family for forgiveness. You can start rebuilding the walls of protection like in Nehemiah, back-to-back, arms locked with your spouse. You get to reestablish Him as Your Strong Tower and the Head of your home. He gets to call the shots.

“There is no junior Holy Spirit.” Pastor Lenny and Tracy LaGuardia have spoken this truth to my own children since the ninety’s. Each child's spirit, soul, and body are ignited, transformed, and renewed with the fullness of the same Holy Spirit promised at Pentecost. So, we need to model and bring our children into encounters with the One True Living God. Be born again daily, beholding the King and to know who they are as sons and daughters. They can be filled with the Spirit and be renewed in their minds daily by the washing of the Word. They can enter into a covenant and learn how to rule and reign as citizens of the kingdom: princes and princesses. We need to bring our children into our conversations with the Lord, to sit in His presence and hear His sweet and gentle voice, and learn to be a friend of God. This is the foundation of your child thriving and walking in their God-ordained potential. This is how you train your champion. On this firm foundation, you build their identity, using the Kingdom's keys of joy, hope, and love. When learning doesn’t come easy, you build out your child’s gifts and talents. You train your child’s character and basic skills in areas of challenges.

If your child still has learning challenges, then you need to look at how your child is inputting data and how the data is being collected through the five senses. Think of it like a garden hose. If the hose is clogged, the water can’t flow. For example, if the letters are getting mixed up, check their vision. If their vision is good, then it's the hose or connection from their eyes to the memory. This connection may be getting letters flipped, turned, or mixed up. If they can read and not mix up their letters but mix up their letters and words when they write, the hose from their memory to their hand is clogged. There is a diagnosis for each of these ‘oversimplifications,’ but hey, in my world, diagnoses and labels don’t stick. Unclog the hose. Whatever doesn’t come naturally, teach it. Break that skill down to the smallest parts that they can do, and then build up from there, just like my baseball and basketball Dads did!

When you are coaching areas of challenge you need to make sure that your child’s emotional gas tank is full. One mom taught me to do that by: Fifth Key Link: Did you miss the Third Key? Here's the Link. Additional Free Resources

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