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Resource Links To Keys to Learning @Genius: When Learning Doesn't Come Easy (3 minutes)

Updated: Mar 23

Identity Key Resources: 

  • The fourth activity is what I call, To Know Me is To LOVE Me. It is an extensive activity impossible becomes possible!

  • Finding the Genius in your child's free coaching call. 

  • My story of overcoming dyslexia. My name is Karen Marie. I am a daughter of the King, a citizen of the Kingdom, a bondservant of the Most-High God. A friend of God. I am an intercessor, a mother, a grandmother, and a faithful friend. I am a gifted teacher, with a master’s degree, 46 years, and over 2500 success stories, and I am a Golden Apple Award Winning Teacher.

  •    “Tik Tok @B.A. Sheppard, because the world has enough sheep”, Tik Tok influencer, educator, relationship coach, social worker, rancher, and entrepreneur Brian, shared with my camp genius families. He said that our children are “seeds of infinite potential, limitless genius that multiplies for generations.” This link includes video shorts and a full hour of training. ( 

Key #3: Every learning challenge has a Kingdom key. Resources

You are not alone.

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