Karen Schoeben, M.Ed.SPEC, Educational Therapist



Is the Founder of All Things Are Possible Education and Director of Camp Genius.


Karen helps to improve class rank and standardized test scores through personal tutoring and small group sessions.


With a Masters in Education, and a specialism in reading, Karen has achieved state, city and school recognition for her student’s test results and connecting at risk students with community members. Karen has received a number of awards including the prestigious Golden Apple Award. 


"I am a mom, with her master’s degree in Education, 3 brilliant grown children, 3 grandbabies to date, who has taught in orphanages, public schools, private schools and private practice since 1978. I have taught several thousand children, those whom were traditional learners and those whom the schools and parents had given up hope on. My children have had challenges: medical, emotional and academic, they have overcome, and they are the powerful ones. I have never met a child I couldn’t teach to read…I have a story to tell...thank you for joining my story"

Melissa Oeffner, MSW LCSW



Melissa Oeffner, has a Masters in Social Work from Missouri University and is a licensed clinical social worker.  Melissa has been working in the field of child welfare since 1989 and has worked in educational social work since 1997.


Melissa Oeffner helps children succeed emotionally, socially and educationally.  She runs numerous social skills classes addressing subjects like 'identity and healthy boundaries



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