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Karen Schoeben, M.Ed.SPEC, Educational Therapist



Is the Founder of All Things Are Possible Education and Director of Camp Genius.


Karen helps dedicated parents discover the GENIUS in their child. In 8 weeks or LESS without tears, fears, labels, diagnosis, and medication even children with tears, fears, labels, diagnosis, and medication can LEVEL UP a grade! YOUR SOLUTIONS are just a-tap-a-way! TM


With a Masters in Educating the Special, and a specialism in reading, Karen has achieved state, city and school recognition for her student’s test results and connecting at risk students with community members. Karen has received a number of awards including the prestigious Golden Apple Award. 


"I am a mom with 3 brilliant grown children, 4 grandbabies to date, who has taught in orphanages, public schools, private schools and private practice since 1978. I have taught several thousand children, those whom were traditional learners and those whom the schools and parents had given up hope on. My children have had challenges: medical, emotional and academic, they have overcome, and they are the powerful ones. I have never met a child I couldn’t teach to read…I have a story to tell...Here is a video link to an interview below and links to teaching credentials to left.

Welcome to the Atap-Edu Family!" Love You, Karen Marie  

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