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The 1st Key to Learning @Genius is the Identity Key. (3 minutes)

Updated: May 24

Your child's diagnosis, list of symptoms, or lack of diagnosis is NOT their identity. Your child's bent, gifts, talents are clues to who they were created to be and what they were created to do. If your child has challenges there are keys to overcominging those challenges. The biggest lie in education, in my 46 years of experience, is that the diagnosis of a learning disability is treated with the same amount of expectancy and urgency as a life-threatening illness. Parents go through the same grief and mourning stages of death. Many marriages don’t make it through the anger, naming, and blaming stages.

Why? Learning disabilities are not a life sentence. Learning disabilities are just a list of symptoms, based on algorithms that vary from district to district. I have had students who have qualified for a disability in one district, 15 minutes away, not qualify in the next district, with the same scores! The truth is that these symptoms have just highlighted the exact curricula that can be used to treat their ability with tutoring, therapy, curriculum, and strategies. There are Kingdom keys to discovering the genius in your child and releasing them into their potential. Let me introduce to you the first key, the Identity Key – may your child say, “It unlocks the gift of me.” 

Key #1 - The Identity Key

Newsflash! There is nothing wrong with your child! There is nothing wrong with the fish that is thrashing around when it is taken out of the water. It just doesn’t have the language to say, “Hey I’m a fish. I need to be in the water.” It’s fine, it just needs to be put back in the lake. Being out of the water didn’t disable the fish’s ability to swim. There is something wrong with the environment. It is lacking what your child needs to survive. If your child is thrashing around, your child needs to be thrown back into the river of life so that your child can thrive. Holy Spirit, we need help! Give us the keys needed for this child and this family’s breakthrough.

Here is a story of hope...

I met ‘Baseball coach Dad’ for the first time one day when he picked his son up from tutoring. His son was not reading. Dad explained that, while at a baseball convention, his son, a fourth grader, became fascinated with the pitching machine. The child proceeded to ask the inventor of the machine all about it. Then, he went home that same weekend, and built a pitching machine on his own, in the garage! He was a genius! Dad also explained that he had put his son in every position on the baseball field, and his son had failed miserably. Dad coached his son in pitching, starting with the fundamentals, and slowly built up his skills to mastery. Then he became an all-star pitcher on a traveling team! Holy Spirit highlighted that moment to me and froze it in time. Unbeknownst to Dad, he had the Kingdom Key! The hidden key was isolating one position and one skill, and building up each skill slowly until he was so fluent in all his skills that he became one of the best in the league. Using this Kingdom key, he soared from kindergarten to fourth-grade reading skills in several months.

I pray that this story fills your heart and mind with hope. Your child’s challenge has a kingdom key. May you gain wisdom, revelation, and the tools you need!

This leads us to your child’s second key, the Joy Key - may your child overflow with love from the throne above. May your child splash in the overflow of Perfect Peace, the Joy of the Hope set before them. Link to 2nd Key Additional Free Resources:

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