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Help your child stay sharp this summer and get a head start on their
reading & academic success. 

Discover a Phonics Toolkit that Helps Kids Read, Write, and Rap Every Phonetic Sound in the English Language! 

Whether your child is just beginning to learn phonics or needs a fun way to reinforce their skills, this ToolKit coupled with summer adventures to the library is the perfect resource for acceleration learning! 

An Example of the Four Phonics Videos!

The frustration is real

Here are a few of the reasons that can make the reading process a bit frustrating....

Lack of the Right Tools

Kids really do want to learn how to read, but because they don't have the right tools, they feel helpless when they come to words that they don't understand.  


No phonetic foundation

Parents and teachers know that their kids need a strong phonetic foundation in order to read, but what's the best way for them to learn their phonics?  There are countless options out there. 


English as a second language

Parents with kids that have english as a second language can have a hard time learning their phonics. 


Reading Programs sometimes need a Boost

Sometimes reading programs are kind of boring, and they need something extra to get kids excited about the reading process. 


It's not fun to watch our kids struggle in their academics, especially in their reading.  Reading is so foundational to their lives that it sets them up to be life-long learners.  Without having the right reading tools combined with the right attitude towards reading, learning to read can be like getting a tooth pulled or taking off a band-aid.  They run from it or they just want to get it over with quickly.  Ouch!

many tears...


many methods...


little progress...

But There's A Key To All Of This...

There's a Key to all of this, and though it's not rocket science, it is heart and mind science...the kind of that not many people think about.  Learning systems make sense in our minds as adults, but if they do not touch the heart of a child, then they will not engage with their minds much either.  


Try to force a bored child not to be bored about reading and terrible results will follow.  


Try to make a child "practice" reading with no tools to decipher words will undoubtedly set them so high up on a mountain of frustration that it will be incredibly hard for their minds to engage. 

Mind and Heart. 
Heart and Mind. 
When do these two come together most?

In a Song

Here's What an Online Lifetime Membership Includes!

  • 4 Music Videos that have kids reading and rapping every sound in the english language ($80 Value)

  • Mp3's of the Music Videos that will be used with the interactive worksheets ($35 value)

  • ​A faster Mp3 version of all of the songs to listen to in the car, at home, etc. ($35 value)

  • Printable ​Interactive worksheets that groove to the beat of each song, having kids read, write, and rap every sound (Hard copies are not included. Just download and Print!) ($100 value)

  • ​Unlimited Access to Apple Award Winning Reading Specialist via Closed Facebook Group, Google Classroom, Wix App, Texting, and Messaging to help families stay accountable, encouraged, and equipped to use the Toolkit ($97 value)

  • ​Printable Flashcards (small flashcards for home and giant flashcards for classrooms) that present every phonetic sound ($50 value)

  • ​Toolkit Coaching Videos take parents/teachers through a step-by-step process of how to use the Toolkit ($35 value)

  • For an extra $7 users receive four Toolkit Quizzes that let each parent/teacher know which phonetic sounds their child/student can identify and sound out


Confident readers embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, stronger and more knowledgeable.


Great readers are curious and always eager to learn. They create endless possibilities to grow and discover!


Readers grow wiser by continuously seeking knowledge and understanding through reading.

Life Long

Readers never stop learning. They know that many books have something valuable to offer.


Daniel Ricketts

First and foremost I am a father and a husband. My family is very dear to me! They are a joy to my heart. 


After being a 3rd grade and then a 5th grade teacher at Gilbert Elementary in Iowa, I pursued music ministry which I still do part-time as a worship pastor in Independence, Missouri. Over the last 10 years, I've been leading kids with music in corporate gatherings, as well as, creating educational music online. I LOVE to see kids' hearts light up with a song! 


I love all kinds of music. I also love to play sports: basketball, baseball, and football with my family. And I love chocolate banana shakes!!


Making educational music has been a hobby for many years, but now I am excited to be able to focus more seriously on it and be able to touch more lives through it. 

"I have worked with all ages of children in 4 different countries for the past 50 years....Daniel has brought a unique gift to our school, both with his fun and imaginative songs, but also with his ability to communicate with all ages of children."  



Daniel Ricketts has been an amazing teacher to my 12, 10, and 7 year old kids. They have benefited tremendously from his creative and relatable approach to teaching kids. The kids love the videos and ask to hear the raps over and over. We can't say enough about him and his toolkit!"   



Imagine no tears when they open a book...


Imagine children reading and writing fluently in English as a second language...


Imagine the war ending between parents/teachers and kids in getting them to practice reading...


Imagine the confidence kids get when they realize that they have the tools to spell out ANY word...


Imagine kids LOVING to read


Our Reading Writing Rapping Toolkit was designed for these purposes.  


We combine music, creative videos, interactive worksheets, and flashcards to engage children's hearts to help them read and write. When done correctly, a child's reading and writing level can be boosted by SEVERAL GRADE LEVELS with the Reading, Writing, Rapping Toolkit.

Traditional reading programs teach "one letter/one sound, word families, letter combinations, spelling rules and the rest of the words are exceptions to the rules. By second grade, this traditional way of learning to read will not help them sound out words that use the many different sounds that some letters have. It leaves kids stuck with just trying to memorize words rather than sounding out new words. 


If we tell a child that each letter only has one sound, we set them up for frustration in the future when they realize that letters can sometimes have more than one sound. If we introduce all the letters with all of their sounds, it will give our child a vision for sounding out words in the future when they begin their formal reading programs. When we begin to teach a child to read, we can then focus on a letter and it's different sounds and work on blending it together to form their first words. 

Four Music Videos of Toolkit Phonics and Words ($80 value)


A child's heart is captured with a song. Imagine a song laying a solid foundation for reading!  Children hum songs that they hear.  Many of them get permanently registered in their brains for life!  Why do we as adults remember the phrase "Nationwide is on Your Side"?  What's a song that's been in YOUR head for years?  

For this reason, many children will just watch the videos and have the phonetic sounds ingrained in their memories so that reading comes quickly and easily.  If they don't start reading instantly, the toolkit phonics will be in their memory when they begin their formal reading program. This creates an avenue of connecting joy with the written word through song, melody, words, and pictures. 

Many programs that have taught phonics only teach children ONE sound for each letter.  These videos teach your child ALL the sounds of the English language.  The first two videos focus on letters with ONLY ONE sound.  The second two focus on letters with MORE THAN ONE sound. And did I mention that the music is cool and fun too?  

Mp3's of the music videos ($35 value)

I AM A GIFT - 5_22_19, 3.17 PM-High-BalancedArtist Name
00:00 / 02:36

Mp3's of all of our Music Videos that will be used with the interactive worksheets. Each song allows your child to read, write, and rap each phonetic sound and identify each of them with at least one word. 

Bonus: We will also include a faster Mp3 version of all of the songs to listen to anywhere (car rides, home, etc)

Printable Toolkit Engagement worksheets (front/back) ($100 value)

These are not ordinary worksheets!  Each printable worksheet interacts with one of the songs, making schoolwork a joyful experience for a child.  The pictures and colors help bring the 3-dimensional videos down to 2-dimensional writing.  While the song is playing in the background, kids will either tap on, trace, or write the phonic that is being rapped in the song. This also helps kids increase their writing skills as they learn to read!

Closed Facebook Group ($97 value)

Upon purchasing the toolkit you'll be invited to our Reading Writing Rapping Facebook Group, Google Classroom, SPACES WIX APP, text, and messenger, This is where people can ask questions to the RWR community, encourage others, learn strategies, and learn from others.  This journey was never meant to be a lonely one.  Every child learns differently, so it's great to get other people's advice and perspective.  Gain from the expertise of a seasoned educational therapist, Karen Kosloske-Shoeben M.Ed SPEC.  Karen has never met a child that she could not teach to read. 


Printable Flashcards of all of the phonetic sounds($50 Value)

The flashcards contain all of the phonic sounds and can be used with or without the songs!  They are beautifully made with engaging pictures and colors that are coordinated with each song.  The flashcards are palm-sized which makes it easier for practicing and testing your child. 

Bonus: We have also included large 4-inch flashcards that have no visual cues for testing.  


Toolkit Coaching Videos ($35 value)

The toolkit is simple to use, but these explainer videos will help get started on how to use our website!  


ADD THIS FOR $7 on the Order Page!

Four Quizzes with Instant Feedback!

For an extra $7 users receive four Toolkit Quizzes that let each parent/teacher know which phonetic sounds their child/student is able to identify and sound out.  These are great for helping identify which phonetic sounds need to be focused on. After taking each quiz, immediate results are displayed to see which ones were answered correctly and which ones need to be corrected. 

This is a limited-time offer and the lowest price you'll find. Don't miss out on the chance to get the phonetic tools you need to become a successful reader!

It is our joy to help equip children to become lifelong learners.  Being a good reader is one of the most important keys to learning.


We are beyond thrilled to offer this Toolkit for that purpose.

Here’s A Recap Of


In This AMAZING Toolkit!

  • 4 Music Videos of every phonic and correlating words ($80 Value)

  • Mp3's of the Music Videos ($35 value)

  • ​A faster Mp3 version of all of the songs for the car ($35 value)

  • ​Interactive worksheets ($100 value)

  • ​Closed Facebook Group ($97)

  • ​Flashcards that present every phonetic sound ($50 value)

  • ​Toolkit Coaching Videos ($35 value)

Total Value: $432

But today, the total for everything is...

For Only $47

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