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What is a 3dThinker?

NASA hires 50% dyslexics. Those gifted in problem solving, spatial orientation and 3dThinking. Those outside-of-the-box, non-traditional classroom learners tend to be the athletes, artists, authors, leaders, inventors, scientists, mathematicians, entreprenuers and thought leaders. They see problems and solutions before the rest of the world even knew there was a problem. We are all wired for our gifts and calling. 


All children learn through their five senses. Then all of a sudden when they get into the traditional classroom, school aged learning becomes flat, 2 dimentional and abstract. Some children need a translator to transition from 3 dimentional, five senses learning. They need to anchor in the direction and order of letters and numbers and sounds, yet the classroom teacher continues on leaving them behind. Nothing gets organized in their memory and learning becomes a struggle. By 3rd grade without intervention, they test with a learning disablity. If the teacher is kind they do not blame and shame the student, but the student compares themself to the students around them. Without intervention they feel stupid and shut down. This limiting belief continues throughout their lifetime. Many a successful parent is reduced to tears when I use the same tests that determine learning disabilities to uppack their child's gifts, customize their curriculum, personalize strategies and catch them up to or above grade level. They wish they had known me when they were young. Despite successful jobs, loving friends and families they are reduced to tears remembering the trauma from the traditional classroom. Many were bullied. With customized curriculum and personalized strategies these 3dThinkers make up the top 1% of the world's wealthiest entreprenuers because they are gifted in problem solving, have creative genius, spatial orientation and are of course, 3dThinkers. They all have a story of someone who saw them, believed in them, and encouraged their gifts, despite the odds. Their breakthroughs change society as we know it. 

  • Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That’s a student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day (17% of all students drop out of high school in the State of Kansas, 19% in the State of Missouri.)


  • There are 4.4 million children in the United States that are not even close to performing at grade level. There are no statics measuring the amount of loss during C19. I have heard firsthand of school districts where kids with IEP's received no services. 


  • The most common and most medicated diagnosis in the United States is Attention Deficit. At ATAP, we challenge the stigma of this diagnosis. The ability to pay attention to many important details simultaneously is the gift of international CEOs. Children need to learn who, what, when, where to pay attention. Most importantly they need to know who they are and what they were created for. They need a loving, creative space to discover their 'why?'.


  • Where are all the inventors, athletes, authors, artists, dancers, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs? Don't let them be bullied, excluded, and drop out, or let C19 destroy their skills, imaginations, and futures. IT'S TIME FOR THE LEADERS TO TAKE THEIR PLACE!


  • At ATAP we have never met a student who didn't want to learn, every brain is gifted and has challenges, but not every teacher is equipped to work with the gifted brain. We hire kingdom educators that look to the heavens, partner with you, your family's inheritance of God-given gifts and talents, your child's hopes and dreams, ATAP-EDU's Customized Curriculum, award-winning teaching strategies, and life-giving coaching. Not only is no child left behind, but every child is also released into their potential.





Click on the PDF for full case reviews of testing results.

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