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Customized Curriculum designed
to launch the GENIUS in your child!


Better Results Guarantee.... Clear Measurable Results....

ATAP Education offers a variety of customized curriculum options based on test results. Please contact us to find out which might best suit your child/students needs. You are JUST A-TAP-A-WAY Atap-Edu Coaching Form 

Invitation KeyMath: Comprehensive KeyMath Testing. Features customized curriculum focusing on 10 specific areas of math.  Work includes improving basic concepts, operations, and application of math concepts. Classes grouped by skill & age (6 - 21 years). (BOOK AND SHOP ONLINE, KEYMATH@GENIUS: $594, Plans & Pricing $77 per week.)   

Reading & Writing: Improve reading (decoding, comprehension, fluency) and writing skills on regular and standardized tests.  Classes grouped by age (6 - 18 years).(BOOK AND SHOP ONLINE, READING@GENIUS: $430, Plans & Pricing $77 per week.)   

School Readiness in Reading, Writing & Math: Receiving foundational skills and exercising the brain ensures success in reading, writing, and math.  This early and important preparation prevents future learning disability diagnosis and sets them up for a successful academic future.  Using 7 Keys to Reading Readiness as the text. Ages 4 - 6 years. (Plans & Pricing $77 per week).   

Analyze, Organize & Write: Prepares students for Middle/High School.  Helps increase regular and standardized test scores and writing skills.  Ages 14 - 18 years.

Regardless of background, age, educational history, and without prejudice... Come with your challenges, and leave with the keys to success! LEVEL UP your challenges into strengths!

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