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Date: September 16, 2022



Online Educational Therapy

Educational Therapist via Zoom provides the Visual, Auditory, Sensory Motor Integration, and Academic Therapy needed based on test results. Average of 2 years growth in 80 hours of direct instruction. 2 Sessions included with testing. $170.00 per hour includes specific and ongoing curriculum via digital downloads. Book Online Now.


Jordon Reversal Test

Standardized Test of letter and number discrimination compared to same-aged peers. Answers the question, when are my child’s letter reversals significant enough to need therapy? $110


ATAP Assessment Customized Curriculum

ATAP Assessment is a curriculum criterion-referenced-based assessment to help determine needed levels of therapy and what chapters they need in their personalized custom-made curriculum. It also includes a rough draft of a reading and writing fluency curriculum textbook designed to empower your student’s reading and writing fluency. This answers the question do I really need to teach the entire curriculum and why isn’t my child spelling and writing as well as they read? $200



The Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement is a full assessment in writing, math, and reading, yielding nationally normed standardized grade level scores. Takes 2 hours to give. Answers the question, is my child at grade level, and what are my teaching priorities? $410



The Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement is a brief assessment in writing, math, and reading, yielding nationally normed standardized grade level scores. Takes 45 minutes to give. Answers the question, is my child at grade level, and do they need further testing? $199



Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests are nationally normed standardized tests giving grade-level scores in all the skills needed to read and comprehend fluently. These tests answer the questions, is there a reading problem, and what foundational areas are impeding their reading progress? $430 (pre and post)


KeyMath-A or B

The KeyMath form A or B standardized test in 13 different areas of math: numeration, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability, mental computation and estimation, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, foundations of problem-solving, applied problem solving giving goals and grade level for each. And composite scores in basic concepts, operations, applications, and total test grades level and standard scores in an 18-page report. Answers the question, if my child is above or below grade level what lessons/concepts should be priorities so I can get more done in less time? $594


KeyMath Essential Resources Curriculum

Customized Math Textbook based on the standardized KeyMath A test highlighting 13 critical areas in math nationally normed to give grade level scores in each area.  KeyMath Essentials prints out a complete chapter including the answer key and pre and post-test for each problem/concept missed on the KeyMath-A test. $472



Test of Auditory-Perceptual Skills-Revised Standardized nationally normed test in auditory number memory forward and reverse auditory sentence memory, auditory word memory, auditory interpretation of directions, auditory word discrimination, auditory processing, and hyperactivity index scale. Answers the question, does my child actually ‘hear’ and understand what I’m saying, or are they ignoring me? $160



Test of Memory and Learning 1 Standardized nationally normed test in the visual and auditory short-term and long-term memory. Answers the question, how does my child’s memory work so that they can effectively remember, and I can effectively teach so that we can get more done in less time? $225 NEW ERA IN KINGDOM EDUCATION SPECIAL ONSITE $100 PAID IN FULL 



In 1998, Donald D Hammill designed the Detroit Test of Learning Aptitude using 10 subtests to "estimate current levels of cognitive functioning and predict future success in education..." ATAP Education has found that if these 10 skill subtests can predict classroom success, therapeutically working with these 10 skill subtests will improve classroom success. This test answers the question, how is my child wired to process new information? $437








The package deal includes for 1 year: pre and post-testing ($6834), progress monitoring ($800), unlimited parent/teacher coaching ($1680), @Genius Layout ($200), Customized Curriculum ($472), online learning center access ($12,ooo), unlimited student coaching ($1680),better results guarantee (Priceless) $23,670 VALUE your sale price



Better Results Guarantee.... Clear Measurable Results....


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