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WENDY- PRACTICING GOD'S PRESENCE- Meet The Founder of Healing Heart Ambassador Hello Beautiful One.  I am Wendy Fisher, daughter of the Living God. In the past 5 years,  I have helped dozens of people around the world to find emotional freedom from life’s traumatic events through connection with Jesus and the healing only He can bring. Through my own healing journey, I have discovered that talk therapy and counseling can offer some relief, but not the true transformative power of the Lord. My passion for heart healing began as a teen, seeing someone I love leave an abusive relationship. Right then and there, with my own battered heart, I decided to learn how to help people find freedom and peace. That is my why. Jesus is the how. With a BA in Psychology, two coaching certificates, and Certification in 100X, a Kingdom entrepreneurship training platform, and community, Wendy offers heart healing as well as coaching services to help believers make strong, intimate connections to our Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. There is more healing in the presence of Jesus than any other place or modality. Facebook Connection & Messenger

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