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Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the perfect weapon to fight germs. It hits hard against life-threatening pathogens like MRSA, HIV, SARS COVID19, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and yet this powerful weapon is 100 percent safe for humans, chemical-free, non-toxic, and all-natural. That’s an impressive combination. It has been used in the medical field for over a century. Before antibiotics were available, HOCl was used to irrigate and disinfect wounds in World War I.  It is now used in everyday settings including daycare centers, hospitals, and even produce sections in grocery stores.

















This solution of HOCl is the purest form that occurs naturally in our bodies. Like saline developed for our eyes so that the body does not reject it. This HOCL is the same chemical makeup produced by the white blood cells. Neutrophils are white blood cells that are the first to arrive on-site when an invading pathogen is detected. Neutrophils will chase down and engulf the pathogen through phagocytosis. Upon contact, neutrophils release a burst of bactericidal chemicals including its most powerful oxidizing agent, HOCl. This kills the pathogen by tearing down the cell membranes and proteins. The HOCL produced by the white blood cells kills bacteria, fungus, and viruses.


The EPA has approved other higher concentrations of HOCL to sterilize surgery centers. When c19 broke out dentist's offices started fogging their offices after each patient. Europe has HOCL fogging gates. Now, this Vietnamese Team has a salt, water saline solution that is stabilized, and this purest form of HOCL kills every virus, bacteria, and fungus that invades the respiratory system and helps your white blood cells bring healing and restoration to those systems. Read more @ CloroxResearchOnHOCL

My Story















After 48 days of c19, my grandson 6, describes his mom, my youngest daughter, Erika, 27, laying down in front of the tv not moving or talking. She calls me. Her heart beats out of her chest when she rolls over, she's too weak to move. Breathing is labored. She hands the phone to my grandson. I put a desperate text out to HOPEFANS. Alen tells me to call him. Amari's mommy is passing out in the bathroom, "It's the Lord. The man of God is on the phone" he is crying as he hands the phone to Erika.Hope restores. She encounters Yeshua as the Solution before HOCL arrives. Hers is the first in the testimony section. 10,000 healed in Vietnam since June/July in an 8 month period. After 32 hours of a humidifier, she 'hotboxes' her room with HOCL, sealing the door with rolled towels, she feels like she's in the glory cloud, she wakes up and starts bailing hay.  We found out later she was the first in the USA to receive HOCL from these Vietnamese pastors. No wonder the warfare was great. GOD'S VICTORY was greater!

October 2021, I'm on bed rest, the antibodies IV kept me out of the hospital, but I was still too sick and exhausted to go to my father's celebration service. Erika gives me 15 ml of HOCL, I do 3 nano mist sprays. I feel horrible: sinus, headache, stomach ache from drainage, dizzy, heart rate up, then super low. I sleep it off. The next morning I feel so good I go to the gym and swim laps. I stay well enough to go to my father's funeral. That wellness lasted for 5 days, but the long-term effects of toxic mold exposure had disease progression. I got my own shipment of HOCL in November & was well enough to go to my auntie's funeral and spend a month in Arizona. Last week at my 6-month functional medicine appt. the PA was so excited to see my progress he wants to try HOCL himself. My prescription is to continue HOCL until the mold is completely out of my system and my body is fully restored! 










Listen to Ken Fish Prayer against c19 what do you have to lose. God is God all by himself. Sometimes He heals supernaturally in prayer, sometimes HE gives keys to dedicated Drs and nurses, sometimes healing centers, sometimes nutritionists, sometimes pastors, and combinations of all of the above. I just want you well! Pray Ken's prayer, cry out to the Lord in your own way, either way, I'm praying for you!


I hugged a small child who later tested positive and delivered HOCL to a family that tested positive. I started to feel sick. I got defensive, aggressive really in prayer, nutrition, & HOCL. Hope Fans prayed Ken Fish's prayer & more and I doubled the frequency of HOCL treatments, c19 tried to land for 4 days, but it couldn't. I didn't miss one appointment, didn't sleep in. Every time I felt a symptom I used the nano mist or nebulizer or humidifier, the side effects were that not only did I not get c19, the pressure it takes for my breathing machine to help me breathe at night decreased dramatically. Here's a video of several testimonies and the history of HOCL. Below are the directions for use. 


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If you have received HOCL and want to donate directly for shipping & handling use Venmo. Please fill out survey

after using HOCL. The ministers donate their time, money, and invention to serve us. The least we can do is let them know how we are doing. 

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