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Are you looking for supplemental curricula to accelerate your child's slow or choppy reading pace into a quick-paced hunger for reading and knowledge? This product will supplement and assist every single student in your family or classroom to work to their potential and become life-long readers. This program uses music to drive into the long-term memory the foundation needed to be a reading success based on neurological memory research. Are you searching for curricula to get breakthrough for dyslexia, dysgraphia, and reading disabilities? You won't find it. Your child does not fit in a box. So a boxed, one-size-fits-all, curricula is not the answer. This Golden Apple Award Winning Teacher and team will coach you through this site using multisensory instruction, outside-of-the-box teaching, learning through music, and expanding your child's capacity to learn. A must for ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, the gifted ones, and those future entrepreneurs, that need to jump ahead in reading skills to keep up with their interest, memory, and attention span. Designed by a: gifted musician, trained certified teacher, producer, and a special education teacher with a masters degree, 46 years of success, who has taught well over 2500 children to read. You are welcome to use this program as a 'Do IT Yourself' program and drop your comments and questions in the group chat for accountability and momentum. You are welcome to use the program as a 'Done With You' program. Buying into the specific reading skills pre and post-testing and a 7-week small group class of children with similar skills 3 hours a week with daily 'homework' for full accountability and fundamental progress to jump-start readers who have been stuck in the past using traditional reading programs.

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