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Every Brain is Gifted, Every Brain has Challenges

Is your Child behind in Reading, Math, or Writing? Is your child working to their potential?

Level Up!

Discover how your child's memory is wired so that you can get

more done is less time 

Our Revelation 22 KINGDOM education programs are designed to accelerate

reading, math, & literacy skills. 

Golden Apple Award-Winning
Karen Schoeben M.Ed. SPEC, Educational Therapist,
Founder & CEO at Atap-Edu LLC

Karen Marie Kosloske Schoeben M.Ed.SPEC is a professional member of the Association of Educational Therapists, Master of Education in Special Education from the University of San Diego, and carries State of Missouri Career Certificates in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Mild/Mod Cross Categorical, and Special Reading. Since the 1996 launching of her summer programs & and learning center, she has had an average of 2 years gain in 9 months of small group instruction and an average 2 years gain in 60-80 hours of direct instruction.  Her virtual, online Zoom classroom launched during the pandemic has an average of 2-4 years of grade-level gain with 7 weeks of small group instruction. 

SPECIAL! ($225 Value) Only $100! Schedule with Connie at the Atap-Edu table. Leave this conference with an @Genius Memory RoadMap! 

KINGDOM Education Program

I want to discover how my child's memory is wired so they can get more done in less time! Win a chance for
FREE Memory Testing! Get a link to A FREE Book: 7 Keys to Learning @Genius When Learning Doesn't Come Easy.

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