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Finding Genius

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3 months

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Finding Genius


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Educational Coach, Golden Apple Teacher, Award Winning, Educational Therapist, Karen Marie Kosloske Schoeben M.Ed.SPEC in over 40 years of service she's never met a child she couldn't teach.

About the course

Processing & Memory #1: In 1998, Donald D Hammill designed the Detroit Test of Learning
Aptitude using 10 subtests to "estimate current levels of cognitive
functioning and predict future success in education..." ATAP
Education has found that if these 10 skill subtests can predict
classroom success, therapeutically working with these 10 skill
subtests will improve classroom success. This test answers the
question, how is my child wired to process new information? $437 value. Test of Memory and Learning 1 Standardized nationally normed test in visual and auditory short term and long-term memory. Answers the question, how does my child’s memory work so that they can effectively remember, and I can effectively teach so that
we can get more done in less time? $425 value. 7 weeks free Educational Therapy, weekly 30 minute zoom sessions. 7 free sessions included. $259 value

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