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7 Keys to Unlocking the Doors to Learning @Genius When Learning Doesn't Come Easy


THE 7 KEYS TO LEARNING @GENIUS: UNLOCKING THE DOORS TO LEARNING WHEN LEARNING DOESN’T COME EASY(™). BREAKING THE TIES TO THE LIES OF LEARNING DISABILITIES This parent-teacher training includes my published 7 Keys to Reading Readiness (4 -8 years), Teaching Developmental Milestones, American Developmental Milestones, Australian Complete Developmental Milestones, and Full Camp Genius Training (4yr-High School) Prayers, Blessings, and Impartations from Pioneer Kingdom Educators, an Atap-Edu checklist of what I do with every student that yields 2-3 years growth in standardized testing called Identity resources, stories and wisdom from current Kingdom Educators. This class is set up in steps to complete. Or you can go to the content section and watch and rewatch sections according to your needs. Jacket cover: Are you looking for keys to unlock the doors to your PreK through 1st-grade child’s life-long learning? Are you looking for keys to unlock the doors to your child’s reversed, tilted letters or numbers that don't stay on the lines at any grade level? Has your child met every developmental milestone? Is your child advanced in some areas and behind in others? This interactive story gives the 7 keys to lay the foundation for learning and preventing academic failure. As your child masters each skill level and earns a key, they are forging the neuropathways needed to be strong life-long students. This is the first line of defense for all kids: advanced, struggling with writing and reading issues, and those who are in between.“Karen Schoeben has put together a marvelous tool that needs to be in the hands of every parent who wants to prepare their child to succeed in reading, the foundation for learning. Parents willing to invest a little time teaching and rewarding their children with THE 7 KEYS TO READING READINESS give their children a great gift preparing them to soar with confidence in a hard world.” Rick Fields, Educator - Life-Long Learner 7M-pact Vice President

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